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Guy's Trading Tools

Find out what tools Guy uses on a regular basis to profit from the market

The Flag-Trader System

Learn about the secret signal or 'Flag' which could tip me off to a market move. But the really fascinating thing about this, and why it has not been discovered before, is that the flag signal was almost useless by itself! Combine that with a certain 'something else' and it becomes an awesome money-making formula.

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The Illuminati-Trader System

Learn how to make money from volatility in the markets right here. Illuminati-Trader provides all the resources you need to profit from stocks which are about to make their move.

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Guy's Other Books

Options Made Easy

The book cover of Options Made Easy by Guy Cohen

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The Bible of Options Strategies

The book cover of The Bible of Options Strategies by Guy Cohen

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Introduction to Trading Trends and Flags

The book cover of Introduction to Trading Trends and Flags by Guy Cohen

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The Formula


Being able to find flags is crucial if you’re going to trade them successfully.

For the best results you need to use Guy’s flag formulae which involve complex algorithms which he has developed over several years, and continues to refine.

Simply join, where you can access the results of these formulae together with the phenomenal Flag-Trader training course and online software.

Click here to access your free gift and learn more about how you can trade with the very best tools available and join the traders who are making triple digit returns.

As well as the ultimate solution that you can access on Flag-Trader, Guy has also developed a rough-cut formula for you to use on Telechart. If you don’t already have Telechart, simply get your free trial here.

To get the rough-cut version that you can implement onto Flag-Trader, simply enter your name and email address here and we’ll send you the simple formula to your email address.

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